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So enjoying my Brionna Bag! And thanks for the personal touch with the thank you card!! - I. Goodington (Chester, PA-11.9.11)




Such a gorgeous bag (Lailah)! Thx! - L. Smith (Omaha, NE-11.9.11)




I bought the Brionna Clutch just to see if I could really fit my laptop in it, and to my surpise, it really did fit! I've never seen a clutch like this! - N. Dickinson (San Diego, CA-11.8.11)




My best friend bought the Jordyn bag for my baby shower! I had no idea there was a bag out there to fit my needs once my baby is here! I'm so happy that she got it for me! - J. Faulk (Pheonix, AZ-11.8.11)




Great idea! Wish I had thought of it!! hehe! - S. Burke (Layton, UT-11.7.11)




After reading all of the wonderful comments on your website, I decided to purchase the bronze Baylie bag! I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed all of the pockets on the inside! - F. Stevenson (Raleigh, NC-11.5.11)




Saw your bag in Babytalk Magazine and I had to have it! Got it the same day; just in raspberry! LOL - W. Simmons (Falls Church, VA-11.4.11)




Wow! Beautiful is all I can say! - D. Thompson (Clinton, MD-11.4.11)




Wonderful Bag! - K. Vowel (Lansing, MI-11.3.11)




Such a unique bag!! Couldn't wait to receive it. When I got it, I was so excited to open the box! There it was in its dust cover with a little thank you card attached from the owners. Talk about a personal touch! Thank you Sassi Momma for really thinking this through! - G. Tippett (Boston, MS-11.1.11)




Love my plum Lailah clutch! - S. Fishermann (Herndon, VA-11.1.11)




I don't have any children so I was a little skeptical at first, but one I saw all of the compartments and placed all of my items in them, I could not believe how much stuff fit in there! Unbelievable! - B. Nickells (Springfield, IL-10.31.11)




What a bag (raspberry Lailiah)! I couldn't wait to get it in my hands! My best friend loved it so much that I had to purchase one for her for her birthday! - T. Williams (White Plains, NY-10.29.11)




I purchased the tangerine Jordyn bag and I am so glad I did! It really does keeps me organized! Thanks for your #1 customer! - M. Cross (Augusta, GA-10.29.11)




What a neat idea! I had to have one! Got the sky blue Jordyn bag and I love it! - D. Hanson (Bellevue, WA-10.28.11)




Someone gave me your site, and once I went on it, I was hooked. I purchase the black Brionna bag. I get compliments everyday on my bag! I am proud to be a Sassi Momma bag owner! Thanks Sassi Momma! - L. Henderson (Miami, FL-10.26.11)




I ordered the Firebrick Baylie Clutch and I haven't put it down yet! My mom says I'm obsessed! I've given your website to everyone of my sisters! - T. Kindal (Glen Burnie, MD-10.26.11)




I am in love all over again! I ordered the Lailah bag and I cannot tell you have glad I am that I bought this bag! Can't wait for the new collection to come out! :-) - P. Swinger (Fort Lauderdale, FL-10.25.11)




Oh my goodness! I am so impressed my Baylie Bag! I will carry it forever! - R. Campbell (Tampa, FL-10.22.11)




Thanks Sassi Momma for creating such a beautifully crafted bag! I love it! - S. Camden (Los Angeles, CA-10.21.11)




It's gorgeous! The craftsmanship is amazing! - MommyQ (10.13.11)




I’ve seen handbags in the past that have claimed to be multifunctional, but Sassi Momma has created one that truly can transform to work for all of the different needs that women have and which role in our lives we are in! - X. Sundell (Middleton, WI-10.7.11)




I just received the Jordyn Bag, and it is GORGEOUS! SO many pockets...Love it! - N. Jackson (Greensboro, NC-8.2.11)




I am impressed! I love my Lialah bag! When I'm driving and I'm looking for something in my bag, I don't have to take my eyes off of the road because I already know where my items are. Thank you Sassi Momma! - K. Worthington (Houston, TX-7.23.11)