What does D’imorga mean you ask? July 05 2013


The name “D'imorga” was formed by combining the ingredients of the purposes of our bags. The "D'i" was taken from the words diaper bag; the "m" was abstracted from the word "multifunction;" and "orga" stands for the organizational aspect of our handbags. 

Neat huh?! So uniquely crafted…just like our handbags!



What Inspired us to start Sassi Momma? July 02 2013

Do you ever walk down the street or walk into a restaurant and see women dragging two and three bags at a time? You may see her carry her purse and her baby’s diaper bag or you may see a woman walking to the gym at work with her purse and her gym bag.  Seeing this got me thinking this should not be.  Watching women carry these bags to and from; sometimes with other pieces of luggage like their baby’s carrier or their lunch bags, really concerned me.  And that was the inspiration behind Sassi Momma. 

Like many companies, Sassi Momma was formed out of frustration; frustration of what we saw on a daily basis.  We were tired of the inconvenience women were experiencing and decided to introduce a new, savvy look.  The thought of this inspired us to create an innovative bag that we truly considered an all-in-one handbag, and we called it the Sassi Momma D’imorga Handbag.

The company was established in 2007 while vacationing in Florida.  After a few cocktails and discussions about what was currently on the market, ShaShawnna and I had our “ah ha” moment; to create an elegant, organized handbag for moms and today’s on-the-go woman.  That night, I designed over fourteen handbags.  Putting together an array of colors and sketches, created a stylish, SASSI, 100% leather handbag line.  Sassi Momma was born!

Once back from vacation, I shared the idea of the D’imorga Handbags with my friend Alease.  My passion and enthusiasm was contagious.  Alease was hooked and realized that this may be a dream come true for her; hence, she became the first investor and was announced the third partner of Sassi Momma.

The women of Sassi Momma, which has now grown into eight women, are having the time of their lives.  It has been an adventure for us all.  From forming the company’s logo, their D’imorga Handbag collection, to producing sample prototypes for manufacturing; this has become a dream come true for the team.  We are seeing life in a completely different form and its called SASSI MOMMA…

Keeping the American Dream Alive with the Only Bag She Will Ever Need! December 08 2011

The American Dream, according to the ladies at Sasssi Momma, is alive and thriving. This small business, created in 2007 by three local women with dreams of making ordinary diaper bags a mommy faux-pas, is venturing on through economic downturn., 12/07/2011 - Waldorf, MD (BriefingWire) December 7, 2011 – Sassi Momma, LLC offers affordable alternatives to everyday diaper bags for ladies on-the-go. Even during economic recession, the ladies at Sassi Momma, LLC are moving forward with the production of their cleverly-designed D’imorga handbags and even outlining ideas for their next line. According to the company, the D’imorga line offers moms and business women on-the-go a chic alternative to everyday handbags with a variety of bag options that boast multiple compartments, unique interior storage design, and easy-to-clean fabric.

Every lady deserves to have a beautiful handbag that she can actually use” says Nicole Thomas-Hawkins, founder and CEO of Sassi Momma, LLC. Ms. Hawkins says that she is not giving up on her dream even though the economy is in recession. “Instead of hiking up our prices, I have opted to lower them for the holidays and have also been giving away coupons and discounts so that the ladies of this country can afford to enjoy a beautiful bag that they can actually use”. According to market research, the handbag industry has actually maintained throughout the recession and, as disposable income increases, online handbag retailer business should be booming in the near future. Companies like Sassi Momma are keeping the American Dream alive and maintaining high-quality standards for ladies everywhere. Ever-vigilant in becoming synonymous with ladies’ favorites such as Coach and Fendi, but for a fraction of the price, Sassi Momma has truly raised the bar on affordable, fashionable, and, most importantly, practical handbags with their D’Imorga line.

Customers interested in learning more about Sassi Momma’s D’imorga handbag line can visit or email the company at


WALDORF, MD – For most women, fumbling around in their handbags for their personal belongings can be a hassle and can cause an immediate rise in stress. Well, Sassi Momma’s D’imorga Handbags may just be the product for you to make your life less stressful and more organized!  Sassi Momma’s D’imorga Handbags were created to alleviate handbag organizational difficulties for all women and to reduce the stress of digging into your purse for items that are needed like your ringing cell phone or your crying baby’s pacifier. Because of its unique design, the bags are multifunctional and can be utilized as a diaper bag, an ordinary handbag, a laptop bag, or an overnight bag; whatever your preference may be. Since the bags have the option of being used as diaper bags, the partners of Sassi Momma wanted to also improve the dreadful appearance of current diaper bags by creating an elegant, one-of-a-kind handbag that can accommodate all your needed items in one organized place, whether they are baby products or everyday women items. The entire interior of this bag is made of waterproof nylon, so wiping up spills or liquid is a breeze.

There are over 12 unique interior compartments to assist moms and women in general with maintaining organization, style, and elegance. There are two amazingly large zippered compartments on the inside – not only are the bags roomy enough to store all of your belongings (and those that you might need for your children), but the sheer number of pockets are mind-blowing. Being able to reach inside and know precisely where things are located is priceless. There have been handbags in the past that have claimed to be multifunctional, but Sassi Momma has created one that has truly transformed the work of all the different needs that women encounter. There have never been so many remarkable organizational possibilities from a handbag before!

In addition to the D’imorga Collection, there is also the genuine leather MiniMe! Oversized Clutch bags that are identical in design and color to the D'imorga Handbags. They were designed for women that wish to carry small personal items in a smaller, yet fashionable bag, and are large enough to accommodate a standard sized laptop inside.

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If you would like more information about their collections, visit their website at To schedule an interview with the CEO, Nicole Hawkins, please email or call 1.888.974.7672.